November 2010 - The Asian Tour 
The Latest Preferential
  Along with the price trend weakness and for the popularization of SLR poet-laureate, more people are beginning to use and SLR, as their preferred to buy another kind of hobbies and interests. Many consumer begin to pay more attention to quality and professional performance performance, there are certainly function ...[more]
Comment on PANASONIC Lumix DMC-GF2
  As most purchase card machine friend, basically is to the ordinary life the finer instantly leave, don't spend a lot of time fever, figure is convenient, save worry. Net friend with reputation F305EXR, revealing the seemingly comments Fuji powerful and actual effect not beautiful DC veil...[more]
Photographer should know it
  The street pats is not an easy thing. For most of the photographer as flowers and plants to start from shooting shoot people in the street, is like driving after finish Toyota into a ferrari. The article sums up out of 10 most useful skills, to those who are absolutely no street pats background in the reader...[more]
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